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Shoot with @gingerpennington #gingerpenningtoart at the #bluesbythebay #art #party @annikaconnor
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Great night with great family! #shareacoke  (at 4  T R A I N)
Had an incredible time showcasing @3iphotography tonight! A huge THANKS to the @hillsongfnl Team for allowing me to be a part of this amazing night full of talent! Such an honor! #3iphotography via @PhotoRepost_app (at The Cutting Room)
I refuse to scatter my energy to the winds. He is my master and He will not drive me to be what I am not. I will stay close to Him at all times. It is impossible to be inauthentic while focusing on His presence. 

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Someone on my street called about a gas leak. Three fire trucks showed up full of firemen. Seven of which came in my house, and three asked for my number…talk about a #MCM #FDNY  (at Dawson Street)
My mind in His presence and my feet on the path of peace. #lightheartedly  (at Trust H I M in ALL your thoughts…)
Super bummed I am not in the Rockaways to see this little angel! She came on the scene this past Wednesday! Love serving the Butler family, super excited to serve this little gem too💛 @rockawayhope #rockawayhope #StreetTeams #ifyouaintservingyouaintserving  (at MELODI KRISTAL-NICOLE BUTLER )
FREE CAKE in the ER. #favoraintfair #manhands #freecaketuesdays  (at Montefiore Medical Center Emergency Department)
This weekend I celebrated four years in the #CityOfDreams. If I shared with you my whole story the first thing that would come to your mind would probably be G R A C E. I am by no means at all capable of living the life that I do but His grace has made my journey here possible. This city and the people that inhabit it are H O M E to me. The best part of this four year journey so far is the fact that each week I get the opportunity to serve and do life with the most amazing people. I am not sure where He is taking me but I am certain that it will be G R E A T. It was on F A I T H that I came and it is by F A I T H that I stay. #welcomehome #ifyouainthelpinyouainthelpin #bestlifeever #JustDOIt #justdoitcrew #UCB #canihaveaslice #occupyallstreets #theregoestheneighborhood #boogieupbronx @fathersheartnyc @rockawayhope @hillsongnyc Photocred: @3iphotography circa 2012 #3iphotography …#thedreamisNEVERover @letterstonyc  (at CI TY  OF  DR EA MS )
These are the best days of summer with the best of friends💜@andrea_tep + Shoutout to @erikacartolano for making my amazing flower crown 👑🌸 (at RO CK AW AY ‘S)
This guy…#Romeo @Nespresso #nespresso @woodmontdaycamp #WoodmontDayCamp photocred: @shanellexoxo  (at Woodmont Day Camp)
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